Solitude..and why it’s so good for the Artistic soul.

My quiet spot on 30a was the perfect place for renewal and rejuvenation this past weekend, it gave me the ultimate inspiration I needed to start on my brand new blog!


The creative journey really got me thinking about how important solitude is, and why it is so significant for the growing artistic mind.

“Only by constant growth, will you be able to continually prosper”… These words always linger in the back of my mind every day. For prosperity, I believe.. is a state of mind. In order to obtain that state of mind, one must continually renew their mental, physical and spiritual growth.


As an artist, I love to be mentally challenged. I thrive off of creative and new inspiration daily. Becoming a new mother, I knew it would be quite a challenge in itself, to juggle the two worlds. Creativity… Motherhood… Of course at first it was hard, but just as every new experience requires, I rose to the challenge and I believe I have been juggling both worlds beautifully. At least to the best of my ability thus far to keep my inspiration, creativity and mental state of mind at their highest frequency.

IMG_8604.JPGI knew an inspirational getaway was long overdue. So I embarked on a journey for a weekend getaway to the beautiful beaches of 30A. Just me, myself and I.

With my sketchbook in hand, a few pencils… and of course my personal journal,  I soaked in the daily inspiration, the cleansing and renewing of my mind, soul and artistic spirit. I believe in order to grow artistically and to fully reach One’s creative potential in life,  every artist must take time to take a break. Taking a few steps back, reevaluating your work,  your life and your passion. Meditating on if your career path is working for you or if there something that needs to be changed. Furthermore, taking time to gain some insight on new creations and possibly a new way of doing things. Sparking those old creative fires within,.. satisfying and filling them with new amazing inspirational designs or ideas.


Yes, yes my creative journey was long overdue. My daughter is now one year old, and I finally feel like it is safe for me to be states away for a couple of days. (I won’t go into the detail the guilt that many women feel when leaving their beloved children to take time for themselves…that’s for another blog.) 🙂


Inspiration I found on this trip was invigorating, from the interesting journey down to the beautiful time spent in the sun admiring every sunset,.. to the amazing white sands, cleansing salt water that brought along with it the wonderful blowing salty breeze.

I believe my favorite part of the journey was my color perception changing from dark burgundy,  brown,  hunter greens to more of a brighter turquoise, Sandy  beige and my personal favorite..seafoam green. There is no doubt I will be painting in a brighter color palette the following weeks. 🙂

Yes the journey was much needed, and Oh! How I can’t recommend this enough for those who simply love to create. Who thirst for knowledge and who have ever changing minds….. I believe every artist should step out of what they know, to take a break into the unknown. It’s invigorating, revitalizing, refreshing and energizing. If anything it helps to cleanse some dusty creative minds. On my solitude trips, I always try to make notes, jotting down every new color change, every new perception of the way I am presently viewing life, and any feelings or emotions. Sketching or writing whatever I feel led to. Letting the “winds of change” guide my pencil, paintbrush or even .. keyboard.

Never stray from what your heart desires, for the heart of an artist will truly guide your every move. Trust in it and you will never be led astray.

Sometimes we simply need to leave behind us all of the “noise” .. in order to fully listen.

Take time for you. Take time to renew. Enjoy some solitude.



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